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Crowdfunding Savers – No “Terrifying Possibility” Just “Decent Rates”

Geeting our point across – Money&Co. CEO Nicola Horlick spreads the word on crowdfunding  The message is clear: low interest rates are creating huge problems for savers and investors dependent on deposit account yields (as reported here earlier). People dependent on income from annuities (fixed-income instruments that used to be an automatic accompaniment of a […]

Crowdfunding “A Real Alternative For Savings” – UKCFA in FT

Crowdfunding is a “real alternative” to low-yielding bank deposits Exciting times in the world of crowdfunding. As the Financial Times puts it (subscription required): “Crowdfunding’s rise to prominence has been remarkable. In little more than a decade, it has become a recognised way for companies, both young and established, to raise finance from a wide […]

Nicola Horlick On Interest Rates And Savers’ Best Prospects

Nicola Horlick on bank depositors’ plight  Money&Co. CEO, Nicola Horlick, examines the interest rate environment ahead of the forthcoming Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee announcement. In her latest blog, she notes the plight of deposit account investors: “The fact that interest rates are less likely to rise than previously thought has been reflected in […]

“Lending Sites Offer Quicker Decisions For Borrowers, Better Rates For Savers” – FT

Check it out online – the figures tell their own story The Financial Times does not mince its words. It has just published an article on the banking sector with the doom-laden caption: “Margins, profits and dividends will never fully recover.” The newspaper’s FTMoney editor, Jonathan Eley is in no doubt about the future for […]

Savers Denied Best Rates – So What’s The Alternative?

Rate rises are simply not being delivered to savers, say commentators As we reported last week (see last Thursday’s News story), it’s not a question of if interest rates will rise, but when. After the release of the Bank of England’s inflation report last Thursday, the consensus among commentators is drifting towards a later rise […]