Monthly Archives: September 2014

“Lending Sites Offer Quicker Decisions For Borrowers, Better Rates For Savers” – FT

Check it out online – the figures tell their own story The Financial Times does not mince its words. It has just published an article on the banking sector with the doom-laden caption: “Margins, profits and dividends will never fully recover.” The newspaper’s FTMoney editor, Jonathan Eley is in no doubt about the future for […]

Money&Co. Crowdfunders Coming To A Market Near You

Business development has something up its sleeve… Money&Co.’s head of business development, Rachel Green, is a key member of a team that’s hitting the road this autumn. The weeks ahead promise a long series of breakfasts, lunches, and media meetings as Money&Co. raises awareness of what crowdfunding has to offer businesses and lenders alike all […]

Business Of Crowdfunding Comes To Birmingham – Money&Co. Teams Up With FD Solutions

Mixing business and pleasure in Birmingham – book for next week! We’re not only bringing people together with businesses, we’re bringing people together with drinks and canapes! As part of Money&Co.’s autumn road show, we’re delighted to announce a link up with one of the UK’s very best finance-personnel companies. Money&Co. CEO, Nicola Horlick, will […]

Crowdfunding Loans Update: Higher Yields, More On Way

Mar-Key indicative loan yield is currently running at eight per cent There is a whole series of new loan offerings waiting to come on site – and just 21 days to go before the scheduled close of the currently available Mar-Key Group auction. This A-rated company manufactures and installs large-structure marquees for major events, weddings […]

P2P Crowdfunders Leap To £2bn – But Banks Fail “Inexcusably”

P2P finance is on the up – thankfully for SMEs The UK’s peer-to-peer (P2P) finance sector continues to expand  – at an even faster rate than previously thought. According to market data published by Alternative Finance (Alt Fi), a media outlet that monitors alternative finance sectors, including crowdfunding, cumulative lending has doubled since last December. […]

Is Bank Of England Backtracking On Rate Rises?

Hold off a bit there, will you…? Nicola Horlick, CEO of Money&Co., believes that the much-signalled rise in interest rates is being shunted further and further back, and may even be postponed indefinitely. Writing in her latest blog, she explains: “Earlier this year, Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, was indicating that interest […]

Bad Banks Are Very Bad Indeed – But There Is An Alternative

A timely, trenchant book, published by Random House “Bad Banks: Greed, Incompetence and the Next Global Crisis” is well-written, well-argued and well-timed. Daily Mail City editor Alex Brummer pulls no punches as to how the UK’s banks have failed and continue to fail us all in abysmal fashion. Here, he sums up Barclays Bank’s recent conduct: […]

Banks Fail Small Business Yet Again – 59% Of Loan Applications Rejected

The banks are nothing if not consistent – the systematic failure to support small business continues New research reveals that 59 per cent of start-ups have been rejected for a bank loan to start their business, according to a report from business media outlet, The study on which the report is based was undertaken […]