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Crowdfunding Regulation: For Once, We’re Not Better Together…

Our friends at Crowdfundinsider showcase an opinion piece on regulation by Italian lawyer, Alessandro Perro. The focus is on regulation. Mr Perro points out:   “The European internal market exploded: more than E5.4 billion was collected through alternative finance in 2015, according to a University of Cambridge report, with about E7  billion forecasted by the end of […]

Keeping The Crowd In Crowdfunding: New Data, Old Problem

Recent research throws new light on an old debate. What’t future of the crowd – the individual lender or equity investor – in crowdfunding? The new research comes via “Alternative finance market for SMEs and personal loans, through marketplace lenders, has in the space of just five years, grown from almost nothing to £2.7 billion,” […]

Banks Under FinTech, P2P Pressure

It’s been said before, and doubtless will be again: FinTech is the coming force in financial services. Of course, we would say that, wouldn’t we, as crowdfunders facilitating peer-to-peer (P2P) business loans? P2P lending is one of the fastest-growing areas in today’s finance sector. But don’t take our word for it, read this short extract […]

Risky Business: P2P Lenders Assess Loss Potential

As regular readers and users will be aware, it‘s our duty to point out that lending, while potentially lucrative, carries risk. Our friends a AltFi report on a fellow P2P lender, and its treatment of risk: “RateSetter has reinstated the expected losses in its portfolio and now gives us two cohort level expected loss figures to […]

No Profit Without Risk: The Eternal Truth Of Equity And P2P

It’s a cliche, but, like many cliches, is contains truth: there’s no profit without risk. Two recent stores from the equity side of the crowdfunding fence illustrate the point well. Our friends at CityA.M. report on an equity return report – a reprise of investment performance – released by Seedrs during the week: “The platform […]

A Lender’s Guide To P2P Crowdfunding

Ahead of the latest offering due on site, it’s a good time to reprise some of the issues potential lenders should look at before committing capital. Here’s an excerpt from our long list of things to look at (NB this is commentary – not advice):   Examine the borrowers’ proposals in detail. We use our […]

Cambridge Reports Thriving Alt Fi Market In Europe

The Cambridge Judge Business School is arguably the world’s leading authority on alternative finance and crowdfunding. It has just released a report on the state of the market in Europe, excluding the UK. Highlights include:   France, Germany and the Netherlands are the top three countries for online alternative finance by market volume in Europe, […]

Crowdfunding Regulation In Europe And UK, Post-Brexit

Our friends at Crowdfundinsider report on regulatory moves in Europe and the UK, citing a CNBC interview from EU Commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis. “[Dombovskis] replaced Jonathan Hill of the UK at the Commission following the Brexit decision. He recently sat down with CNBC for an interesting interview where he shared some insight into his perspective on the Capital […]

P2P Crowdfunding Enters More Mature, 2.0 Stage

We’re well into the era of a more mature crowdfunding world. In internet jargon, that would be known as Crowdfunding 2.0. Luke Davis, co-founder of Money&Co., offers his view in CityA.M. of how what the 2.0 stage should look like for UK P2P platforms. “In the five years since its inception, debt crowdfunding has supported […]