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Mission Unstoppable: Lending To Quality SMEs, Brexit Or No Brexit

Amid all the uncertainty surrounding you-know-what, there’s at least one thing to rely on: we’ll still be looking to lend to high-quality, small companies, Brexit and economic slowdown or not. Our mission is to help carefully vetted small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) find capital for growth, and to help lenders seeking a good return on […]

Education, Not Ignorance, The Key To Birth Of New P2P Asset Class

The arrival of the peer-to-peer (P2P) sector as an accepted asset class is beset by two related problems: image and ignorance. P2P providers have offerings whose quality is decidedly variable when subjected to risk analysis. The yields typically look nice and shiny – but are the investments safe? The image problem occurs because some of […]

P2P Loans A ‘Must-Have’? Only If Investors Understand Risk…

Peer-to-peer (P2P) loans have had a tough time in the court of public opinion recently, following the high-profile failure of P2P platform, Lendy. While that’s a disaster for the investors in those loans, there’s an attractive argument that it’s a good thing for the industry generally. The thinking is that the strong will survive. The […]

Running Commentaries On SME Funding And Alternative Finance – Our View

Smaller companies are looking more to alternative-finance sources for funding, according to research reported by our friends at P2P Finance News. This is the latest in a series of apparently contradictory (and possibly just attention-seeking) reports on the topic. As we have reported here earlier: “The signals on funding for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) […]

Great Savings Robbery Revisited: Savers ‘Earning A Pittance’

It’s not just us talking about the Great Savings Robbery, even if others don’t use the same terminology. See this from the Daily Mail. Thousands of savers are earning a pittance on cash languishing in more than 1,400 closed easy-access accounts. Banks and building societies routinely launch accounts and withdraw old ones from sale. They […]

P2P Investment Trust Malaise Continues – Plus IFISA Process Guide

In the wake of some high-profile failures in the peer-to-peer (P2P) sector, there are legitimate concerns about individual investors’ understanding of risk. We’ve already reported here extensively about the proposed imposition of a 10 per cent investment portfolio limit for P2P loan investment. However, we’re beginning to wonder about the wisdom of professional investors committing […]

Inheritance Tax Change – Don’t Bet Your House On It

We’re seeing significant interest in Money&Co.’s Inheritance Tax Service. Political uncertainty may play a part in this: although governments may change, it’s unlikely (though not certain) that new administrations will act retrospectively. So perhaps it’s no surprise that many homeowners potentially liable to IHT are coming to understand that the time to act is now. […]

High-Street Robbery Latest – Cash ISA Providers Restrict Investor Choice

The news for Cash ISA (Individual Savings Account) investors keeps getting worse. A year ago in February, we did a bit of number crunching. See an extract from our report from that time: Cash ISAs – Depressing, Dismal – Or Daylight Robbery? Our objective was to calculate the average return on Cash ISAs. Bear in […]

Welcome New TISA Initiative Puts P2P Under The Microscope

The peer-to-peer (P2P) sector is coming under the microscope in the wake of the failure of one platform, and the apparent fraud of some high-profile, unregulated offerings. The unregulated offerings were nothing to do with P2P, but the dire consequences for investors have certainly focused minds on alternative investments. The latest body to have a […]

Could 10% P2P Rule Drive Crowd Out Of Crowdfunding? Plus Loan Latest

It’s long been our intention to keep the crowd in crowdfunding. The democratisation of finance is all about offering a level playing field of opportunity – similar terms for small and large investor alike. However, concerns are now being voiced about the proposed 10 per cent P2P loan allocation limit. If an investor’s portfolio can […]