Monthly Archives: November 2019

Banking Licence, Brexit And An Ongoing Commitment To SME Lending

The trade financial press last week reported this company’s application for a banking licence. Amid all the uncertainty surrounding Brexit as the application is pending, this is a good opportunity to underscore our continuing commitment to lending to high-quality, small companies. Our mission is to help carefully vetted small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) find capital […]

Mainstream Fund Shows Signs Of Life – Plus Loans Latest

The troubled P2P Global Investments fund, on which we’ve reported here several times, has changed its name and finally reports some improved figure after some painful investment offloads. It’s long been our view that the best way to profit from platform lending is to choose a platform with a conservative selection policy and risk analysis, […]

Platform Lending Revisited – We Scan The Credit Horizon

Platforms like ours are relatively new kids on the block in the world of high-yield products. It’s so new the terminology hasn’t settled down. It’s known as platform lending, marketplace lending or peer-to-peer (P2P) lending. The novelty is relative. Platform lending began in the US in the depths of the 2008 credit crunch. The banks […]

New A+ Loan Yielding 7% Lands On Site – Plus Other Loan News

We are delighted to announce the arrival on site of a new loan from Mar-Key Marquees Limited. This company first borrowed money from our lenders in 2014 and has had an exceptional payment history. The company manufactures and rents out large marquee structures for events like the America’s Cup. The stock held by the company is […]

Success In Investment Management A Tough Task – Plus Loan Latest

Who should you trust to manage your money? The registered lenders at Money&Co. manage their own assets by choosing to offer capital to carefully vetted small businesses seeking funds for growth. The average return achieved by lenders is over eight per cent, gross of our one per cent fee. The annualised bad debt rate over […]

Open Banking Heads Toward SME Funding – Plus Loan Latest

Open banking was initially focused primarily on individual consumers. Now, as the still-young sector begins to mature, some  operators are moving towards the small-business market. As lending platforms, we are doing our best to cater for the gaps left by mainstream banks – but there is still unmet demand. Our friends at AltFi take up […]

Banking Side Of Alternative Finance Universe Expands – Plus Loan Latest

While the asset side of the alternative finance market – both equity and debt – still has a way to go before it’s fully accepted, alternative banking is going well. Our friends at AltFi report: German digital bank N26 is currently leading the European challengers in the US digital banking landgrab, taking nearly 50,000 downloads for the […]