Monthly Archives: July 2020

Covid Aid Net Is Spread Yet Wider

The dust thrown up by the Covid-19 virus hasn’t even begun to settle yet. Our friends at Crowdfundinsider report on a new platform set up to facilitate funding for companies that don’t qualify for the various government relief schemes. This is a separate issue from the scramble among altfi platforms to qualify for distributor status. […]

Monzo Move Signals Gathering Pace Of Mainstream-AltFi Integration

The integration of mainstream finance with the alternative finance sector continues to gather pace. Our friends at AltFi report on a relaunched premium service from Monzo with what the challenger bank claims is a host of new features. The move comes after several delays and difficulties. The flagship feature of Monzo Plus, priced at £5/month with a […]

International Financial Payments – The Cornerstone Of FinTech Progress

Security of payment transactions is not the sexiest topic, even in the dry world of financial services. Nevertheless, transaction security is an absolute cornerstone of financial stability. We blogged recently on this very topic – will identity become the new currency? Meanwhile, our friends at FinExtra report developments in international payment systems: The emergence of […]

FinTech Sector Has $825M Funding Gap To Fill

The FinTech sector’s start-ups will need to raise £825m to see out the Covid-19 pandemic, according to KPMG’s new research report. KPMG takes a look at the leeway – the cash safety belt – it believes companies will need in times of low activity. Our friends at P2P Finance News take up the story. The […]

Mainstream Capital Inflow To AltFi Sector Grows Again

The latest ingress by the mainstream into alternative finance involves Money&Co.’s close neighbours in Hammersmith, Lanistar. Lanistar’s latest funding round is a hefty £15 million. FinExtra reports: Lanistar, a personal financial management startup founded in 2019, has raised £15 million to support its forthcoming commercial launch in Winter 2020. The investment, from Milaya Capital, gives […]

FinTech’s Battles Against Identity Theft

Identity theft and identification techniques underpin the whole enterprise that is FinTech. Our friends at UKTechNews report the latest in the major types of identity theft and fraud, their impact across industry. Later on in the article, biometric identity screening is discussed as a useful technique to mitigate identity fraud. The Most Common Categories of […]

AltFi Acquisitions Continue As Latest AltFi Platform Is Snapped Up

Regular visitors to our News section will be up to speed with our reports on the convergence between mainstream finance and the alternative-finance sector. Acquisition by mainstream players is currently the dominant theme here. The latest news comes from consumer-focused alternative lending platform Lending Works, which has been acquired by asset manager Intriva Capital. Our […]

Direct Lender Boss Calls For SME Help Via EIS Stimulus

Senior figures in direct platform lending, or peer-to-peer lending, have suggested there is an opportunity to tap into a £75.5 billion “lockdown savings” market. Nicola Horlick, CEO of Money&Co., is among those opining in a story run by P2P Finance News. Joint research by multi-asset investment platform eToro and the Centre for Economics and Business […]