Monthly Archives: January 2022

The Future Is Crypto-Coloured – But Uncertain

The future lies undoubtedly in cryptos. But one of the greatest imponderables of 2022 is whether one of its most abstruse manifestations will catch on. The problem is, simply, the sheer incomprehensibility of the usage. Here’s a quote from an earlier blog on Decentralised Finance (DeFi): DeFi protocols enable for the first time to borrow […]

UK Peers Cool On Britcoin Digital Currency

Today, we bring a counter-cultural snippet. Central banks are set to roll out their own digital currencies soon (not the same as cryptocurrencies, which are driven by an independent algorithm). A recent blog explains the situation. Central banks and their governments are understandably desperate to establish their own digital currency as the dominant world brand. […]

The Digital Banking Revolution Unfurls Across Europe

The revolution is coming – in the form of Revolut. Revolut has a pending application for a UK banking licence, and is expanding rapidly across Europe. Our friends at Altfi run the story: Digital banking challenger Revolut is inviting more of its customers to upgrade to a full bank account, after rolling out its Lithuanian banking licence across ten […]

Bright Digital Banking Future Has Its Dark Side

Bright new digital dawns are the theme of the early part of the year. But the flip side is the possibility of dark night, as reported by our friends at Altfi, who examine the risks inherent in the digital technology embraced by challenger banks. Concerns are growing that an Amazon Web Services (AWS) outage could one day take […]

2021 Sees Record Inward Investment To UK FinTech Sector

Boom times? There are many regulatory and process hurdles to be negotiated, but the UK FinTech sector raised an impressive $11.6bn during the calendar year of 2021, according to figures from Innovate Finance, as reported by our friends at Altfi. According to Innovate Finance, and harnessing data from PitchBook, the sector smashed its pre-pandemic record of $4.9bn […]

Brave New Digital Currency World Lies Before Europe

The new year will see a step change on the acceptance of crypto and digital currencies. Cryptos are decentralised digital currencies, controlled by an independent algorithm. Digital currencies are often centrally administered money in a cute digital format. In the UK, we’ll see retail outlets such as the chemist, Boots, take digital payment. That’s just […]